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Chicken Tinola (Tinolang Manok)




If you need some immune-boosting this easy meal is just the ticket. It’s got everything you need; onions, garlic, ginger, homemade chicken broth, vegetables, chicken and lemon juice. It’s flavorful, soothing and a cold remedy - perfect warming food for this weather.

Instead of using standard soy sauce to flavour this dish and give it the umami taste, we use tamari. Tamari is a Japanese product fermented from soybeans but without the wheat that soy sauce, it’s Chinese predecessor, contains.

While similar in color and flavor we prefer tamari because it is gluten free, thicker, richer and less salty. The flavour is smoother so it blends well with other non-asian dishes too - we sometimes put a dash in a beef stew if it needs some depth. Tamari retains it’s full flavour after cooking unlike soy sauce which is more of a dipping condiment that looses much of its essential flavor when exposed to high temperature.

Tamari also has more protein thanks to the higher concentration of fermented soybeans (we only eat our soybeans naturally fermented) and since it is more concentrated you need much less.

We love http://www.clearspring.co.uk/japanese/seasonings/tamari.


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