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Our first love is…


chocolate. And like ‘love’ you can’t get enough…

We’ve created, with the help of probably our oldest friend Stephanie, a delicious dessert of puffed and gooey chocolate. Get the oven time right and it will be hot and molten in the middle, leave it too long and it becomes more of a chocolate cake - either way the taste is great!

Don’t think this dessert comes with a side of guilt. Instead it’s full of goodness.  Organic eggs, grass fed butter or virgin coconut oil (choose whichever you’re loving this week), date syrup and a splash of vanilla extract.  Of course the deep, rich flavour comes from the incredible cocoa - and this is where quality counts both for flavour and of course health benefits.

The cocoa bean, translated from it’s Latin name as ‘food of the gods’, is known as an aphrodisiac, a mood enhancer (thanks to it’s ‘bliss’ chemical content) and even has appetite suppressing qualities. Raw, unroasted and minimally processed cocoa (cacao) is packed with antioxidants and nutrients and since we aren’t using any other highly processed and refined ingredients to make this dessert e.g. white sugar which depletes the body of vital nutrients, we aren’t robbing ourselves of the goodness that we are trying to put in. The properties above are also found in cocoa’s natural fat - cocoa butter. Again, as with all naturals fats, don’t be scared of it - when unadulterated this too is an amazing food.

Here’s a way to have your cake and eat it this Valentines.



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