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Golden goodness - Miso carrot soup




Three key ingredients to this delicious, golden soup - quality miso, sweet carrots and homemade bone broth.

If you’ve found a good butcher, we cannot recommend highly enough the healing powers of homemade stock - quality, organic and pasture reared of course. This stock will provide a tasty base for all your meals whilst supplying predigested protein. Use your homemade stock to make soups, stews and sauces, when cooking up quinoa and millet and to braise your vegetables. This economic source of protein also balances the glycaemic load of the carrots in this recipe.

We love the fantastic umami taste of miso - a must have ingredient in your fridge - see our recipes for Miso Dressing and Miso Gravy. As always when shopping, read the labels carefully - it has to be the right type of miso.  Look for organic, non-GM, properly fermented miso to benefit from miso’s health properties. We only use fermented soy products as a small part of a wider balanced diet. Properly fermented soy, such as miso and tamari, is easier to digest and the nutrients are much more bio-available - we do not recommend soy milk and the like!