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Seasonal veg box supper

imageAfter a big Friday night followed by a day of revitalizing green smoothies and juices (oh and a yummy piece of salmon) it was time for a wholesome Saturday night supper and a good movie. This weeks  seasonal veg box from Riverford offered up celery, carrot, onions, parsnip, swede, red pepper and squash. Slowly softened in the best beef stock (we cook it for over 12 hours to not only make a tasty mineral and protein rich broth but also to take advantage of the nourishing gelatine) all this soup needed was a a touch of Himalayan salt and some fresh black pepper to season. Served with some corn chips by Amaizin (organic corn flour and heat stable palm oil from sustainable plantations) baked in the oven for a few minutes to give them extra crunch.

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