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Apple Crumble and Ginger Creme Fraiche




Try our version of the classic apple crumble.  This was the first pudding that we gave the H&H makeover and since our mum approved it we thought we’d dedicate it to Mothering Sunday.  You’ve got 4 days to get your ingredients ready but don’t worry about practicing - this pudding is a synch.

Double the quantity of apples and crumble so you can make up extra little ramekins. Keep them in your freezer for individual weeknight puddings…or even breakfasts!

Serve the piping hot crumble with our cool and creamy ginger honey creme fraiche. 

Not only will this homely pudding go down well with the whole clan but as an FYI - apples are a member of the rose family. So if you do bake this crumble for Mother’s day you can tell your mum she’s already had her flowers!

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